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Get off your ass and do something

'Running at The Edge of their World' is the behind-the-scenes, warts, and all story of one of the UK’s longest running, and best-loved punk fanzines, Suspect Device.  Created by lifelong friends Gaz and Tony Suspect who met on their first day of school and later bonded over their mutual love of football and punk rock, Suspect Device is more than a fanzine, it’s a punk rock institution.


The book that charts Suspect Device’s enduring legacy is filled with stories from the beginning of the community they helped build and support, the lifelong friendships created in the process, and the punks who came together to create a scene based on the principles of DIY, friendship, and co-operation.

And now you can walk the same path that Gaz and Tony did, and continue to travel down, pre-order   Running at The Edge of their World from Earth Island Books, join the global Suspect Device community, and be inspired to, as Pete Zonked says in the intro to, “Get off your ass and do something.” But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Mass Movement had to say about Running at The Edge of their World…


When Benjamin Franklin said that there are only two certainties in life, he couldn’t have foreseen the advent of punk rock, or possibly have imagined that Suspect Device would survive more than four decades of publishing ups, downs, and runarounds. If he had, history might have been a lot different.


While we’re on the subject of history, this book, Running At the Edge of Their World, isn’t just the story of one of the world’s longest-running, and most beloved, punk zines Suspect Device… Well, it is, and that alone makes it worth the cover price, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s the tale of two lifelong friends and their enduring passion for the subject matter at the core of their publication, it’s about the contributors and the names and faces behind the interviews and reviews, forging a legacy that its architects don’t know they’re creating, the power of music and culture, facing the trials and tribulations that life throws at all of us and rising above them and refusing to give in, and standing firm against the encroaching tide of progress and time and doing what you love to do and creating something from nothing, simply because you love doing it. History isn’t just written by the victors, it’s authored by those who stood behind the curtain and made it happen, and Gaz and Tony, whether they realise it or not, are two of the enduring bastions of punk rock, and their memoir Running At the Edge of the World, is a compulsive, engaging page-turning account of how they helped to shape and define a scene with their little zine that could, Suspect Device.

Tim Cundle, Mass Movement


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