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Holiday specials

Throughout November and December we're going to offer some big discounts on our books to get even more of them out there and in readers hands in time for Chrimbo.

We know you'll need your hard-earned money for music and booze so books may come lower on the list and that's why we're starting by taking a fiver off of a couple of great new books that'd make cracking presents.

Welly Artcore's new punk rock tour diary, 'Directions to the outskirts of town' reveals the laugh out loud horror and humour of being on tour in the USA and has a voucher / coupon code of 'Holiday Special' whilst Tim Cundle's inspiring and insightful book of short stories on everything from punk rock to mental health to D&D roleplaying, 'What would Gary Gygax do?' comes with its own card game and has a voucher / coupon code of 'Holiday Special 2'.

You simply put these codes in at the check out cart (where it says 'enter a promo code') to get a fiver off of each/ either when you order. Simples.

Happy holidays and happy reading!

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