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Indie Horror reviews Theta House

THETA HOUSE by Jim X Dodge - Underground Writer was a blast! So says Indie Horror reviews.

Published by Earth Island Books. Review below;

Theta House by Jim X Dodge follows our varied cast of characters after they all receive an ominous email to attend the first ever 'Theta House Experience' an escape room challenge for which they will be paid $1000 just for attending. If they can finish the challenge by solving the clues or survive the night a bigger cash prize is on offer.

Our characters include a pair or twins, a trans woman, two obnoxious jocks and a poor but intellectual emo kid. We learn of their backgrounds and reasons for attending the escape room in the initial set up and it was written well with each person distinct and easily visualized leaving the reader emotionally attached to them or despising them in the case of the two jocks.

Our group discovers various clues requiring solving and causing arguments and name calling during the discussions. However the clues and puzzles start to turn deadly as they attempt to win the game, the prize and freedom from the house itself.

Not everyone who entered will leave as the game or the house itself is turning the players on each other in the process. As the night progresses and more violence and death is inflicted we are left wondering if anyone will be left alive.

This novelette was an engaging quick read and I read it in one sitting turning the pages wondering how it was all going to conclude. The writing is superb and the descriptions of the house had me easily picturing the scenes. The dialogue between our characters is authentic, funny and emotional at times. I honestly wouldnt of believed this to be written by an indie author the way the story flowed and the plot developed which is a credit to his skill.

I wish it was longer and we got to spend more time in the house and hope one day he will expand on this story or write a full length novel as I really enjoyed this and his writing style and is everything I love about indie books. Definitely one to check out!

Show your support and purchase 'Theta House' direct from E I Books, or from any good indie book store, or online from Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, amazon, etc or even contact Jim himself via his Facebook.

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