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Issue zine asked for 'Directions'

The descriptor, “Punk Rock Tour Diaries from Nineties North America”, initially made me think that perhaps this would be of less appealing to me. After all, the nineties was my fallow decade and North America is kind of outside my ‘manor’ so to speak. But the authors name caught my attention and is deffo linked to the long running ARTCORE zine. A further revelation linked him to CHAOS UK, so colour me interested, let’s check it out.

What I like most is the shit-ton of pictures and flyers and the like. Regardless of the skills of the writer, this sort of visual material adds so much to the atmosphere of the times. As you work your way thru, you can’t help but get drawn into the spirit of the times. The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union had largely taken nuclear Armageddon off the menu and a resurgence of punk seem to hint at a hope of things to come.

The book is well written and engaging, with the supporting visuals it really brings the events and people to life. It’s crazy to me that this book overlaps to time and space, some of the Dave Grohl biography I read recently. Oh yes, and I really love the, ‘Courier new’ typewriter/ zine font perfect for the subject of the book. Some other well known(ish) bands are included, YOUTH BRIGADE, EYEHATEGOD, 7SECONDS, SWINGING UTTERS and more. I love the fact it feels like the bumper edition of a zine, with an honest- to-goodness recounting of the times.

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