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Last few copies of Subhumans book

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of Ian Glasper's excellent new book about the Subhumans, 'Silence is no reaction: Forty years of Subhumans', then do so quickly now. We're down to our last few copies, although we do have both paperbacks and hardcovers remaining.

You can order direct from Earth Island Books, right now, or find it in most good indie book and record stores, online resellers, and places like PM Press, Correct, Radiation, Pirates Press, All Ages, Scarecrow, Born Bad, Rough Trade, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, etc.

You can also pick up Ian's other great books, 'The Scene That Would Not Die' and 'Terrorized, Volumes 1 and 2' from the Earth Island store too.

And if you're staying out of the rain this weekend then maybe check out Mass Movement Magazine's podcast where Tim waxes lyrical with Ian Glasper about his new(ish) band Zero Again and book 'Silence is no reaction: Forty years of Subhumans'. Tune in, turn it up and punk out. This one’s a doozy…

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