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Marla Watson at The Punk Rock Museum's first year anniversary

After taking part in the punk rock museum's 'My Shot' photo exhibition Marla hung around for the first birthday celebrations, events and gigs over the weekend.

Here's a couple of snaps from the event, and a message from Marla; "Thank you to the coolest people in the world! All of you are so amazing. Thank you for including me in your world and making me feel so special. I love all of you! Congratulations on your first year. Count me in for the two year anniversary!"

Marla's also met Hanson Meyer from Uniform Choice and Louichi Mayorga from Suicidal Tendencies / Luicidal. There were one celebrations for the birthday of Mike Ness too, with congratulations on the City of Fullerton for honouring him.

Marla took the photo above, lower right, at The Galaxy in Fullerton in 1982.

If you like Social Distortion and other punk bands of the same era please check out “My Punk Rock Life” available in the US at and worldwide at

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