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Murder in the front row

While we work on the last few proofing edits for his new Subhumans book, Ian Glasper has been keeping himself busy.

Zero Again, the band Ian plays bass for, have been supporting the Subhumans on a four gig stint and we all caught up at the Lewes Con Club show to discuss the final updates for the book and then see them rock the place in front of an energetic crowd.

Ian has also been writing columns and working on and interviews too. Here's his latest update about the 'Murder in the front row' Bay Area thrash scene book, now being turned into a documentary film.

"Just got done submitting an interview with one of my favourite Bay Area bands, Blind Illusion (their new album, ‘Wrath of The Gods’, is superb), for the next issue of Fistful of Metal, and it prompted me to dig this killer book out again... forgot how brilliant it is."

The book is still available from Bazillion Points: and the documentary info is here:

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