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Nimrod spotify playlist

To help you enjoy Ryan Roberts brilliant debut novel, 'Nimrod', about a music obsessed teenager finding his way through the ups and downs of life there's a playlist that goes with it.

Each chapter of the fifty four chapters is named after a song by either Green Day or The Police / Sting. This playlist contains the songs / chapter titles in order. Green Day and The Police blend surprisingly well together.

Nimrod Spotify playlist:

Nimrod novel with headphones photo by @oldbookishwoman

Novel cover design: @housewithoutwalls

There's a great trailer video for the book to check out here:

And here's an interview Ryan did with This Was The Scene podcast here:

The author of this book and it's publishers support independent book stores, so you can go into local book shop and order a copy of Nimrod now, or you can order it direct from us here.

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