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Punk Faction is Hope Collective's 'Book of the week'

"BHP was a uk fanzine in existence from 1991 to 1995. It was a time when the diy scene was flourishing through letter and honesty. No one was looking to make a living from their hobby and the innocence and fun was exploding through the creativity. I was one of many involved in Dublin, there were people doing similar things all over. Bringing out fanzines, putting on gigs, maybe selling some records or zines or tapes. Maybe releasing records, playing in bands and playing any gig they were asked. Of course it couldn’t last forever as we moved through life however the spark has stayed with many of us. Times did change and there was potential for people to leave the job they hated and do this full time. Of course compromise would have to be made but wouldn’t it be better than working for some multi death corporation your songs rallied against?

That scene didn’t vanish but it dissipated as not that many people could make a living from it. It still exists for sure. This is a collection of BHP issues 1-10 and they are reprinted warts and all.

It’s not just the fact that most of the records reviewed in this fanzine are still in my record collection or that many of the bands interviewed traveled through ireland too (Mr T experience, Green Day, Down By Law etc). The causes we were all looking at are re-printed here. Anti vivisection leaflets are very prominent throughout.

This is a flashback but an important document of those times". Review by Niall McGuirk for Hope.

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