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Punk rock tour diaries podcast

Exerpts from Welly Artcore's new book, 'Directions to the outskirts of town - Punk rock tour diaries from nineties north america', will get a reading by the author in a special punk rock podcast on Wednesday night, 9th June. Link in the flyer below on global punk radio.

Tune in and join us for some road tour chaos.

"Oi! As usual I’ve been working on stuff to fire into the void and this time it’s an hour’s worth of rudimentary readin’ excerpts from the first half of this tour diaries book with an accompanying soundtrack (expect Chaos UK). All the usual tour stuff is included, run-ins with Nazi skinheads, riot cops with CS gas, more Nazi skinheads and more cops. This is being boredcast on imaginary internet radio to all six of you next Wednesday at your local o’clock"

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