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Punk Rock Tour Diary Video

A cool little video by Welly Artcore about his great new book, 'Directions to the outskirts of town' all about punk and hardcore bands touring in the US and Canada in the nineties. The book focuses mainly on Chaos UK and Four Letter Word and is full of interesting stories and great photos.

Welly said "Had fun making this short promo video for the upcoming book. Overdubbed the original with studio audio, then that bloody company that seems to ‘own’ all the music in the world blocked it on YouTube and FB. So then I had to redo it with just the live rough’n’ready audio. Then I uploaded it to the FB page I made for the book and of course FB decided to show it to one person in the hope I cough up for a ‘boost’. They can fackin’ do one so I’m posting it here. Chaos UK live in NYC in ‘94. Right, I’m off to mash my face into some concrete. More info on the book here".

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