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Return of a classic - Special deal on Mass Movement 1&2

'Mass Movement: The Digital Years' is a 'must own' beautiful and comprehensive two book collection for anyone into alternative music and creative lifestyle.

A compilation of the best interviews and features from Mass Movement magazine’s digital period, containing much of their best work, never before seen in print.

Tim Cundle's first volume contains sixty eight interviews with Attitude Adjustment, Anthrax, Circle Jerks, D.R.I., Funeral For A Friend, Seaweed, Sheer Terror, Steve Ignorant, Therapy?, No Idea Records and many more, as well as articles on Edgar Allan Poe, Fighting Fantasy and record collecting, and a foreword by Vique Martin of Simba.

The second of these hefty books includes over eighty more interviews with Acid Reign, Agnostic Front, Bad Religion, Burn, Dropkick Murphys, English Dogs, Kill Your Idols, Lagwagon, Shai Hulud, Snuff, Voorhees, Youth Of Today, Metal Blade and Revelation Records and more, as well as great articles on Vampires, Batman and scary comics, with a foreword by our very own Ian Glasper.

These beautiful books capture the spirit and essence of everything Mass Movement is and always will be. We thought it was time to return to these classics and offer a special deal on both volumes.

Vol 1, 470 pages. Vol 2, 484 pages. Colour. UK Royal size paperback, 234 x 156mm.

"Tim Cundle found himself in the right place at the right time and acted wisely by providing a platform for the musicians who represent the backbone of today's underground scene." - Helly Cherry Magazine.

"It started as just a punk rock fanzine but has been around over two decades now." - Tripwire Magazine.

"Tim is a nerd and a professional at the same time. Another effect of this collection is the reference to all interest groups, an expression of commitment and passion for the punk and DIY community, which is as varied as it is diverse." - Underdog Magazine.

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