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Silence is no reaction - Forty years of The Subhumans - coming soon

Although it's still a fair way off, in the proof reading and layout process, Ian Glasper's new book all about The Subhumans is now written and ready for production work to begin.

Packed with photos and gig flyers, this will be the full and compelling story of one of the UK's most loved anarcho punk bands, as they continue touring and spreading their influence.

This will also Ian's first book focusing on just one band.

We'll be working alongside Ramsey and the good guys at PM Press in the USA on the publication of this important book, so it'll be even easier for fans across the pond to get hold of a copy locally when it is finally published.

Just for now, here's a quick look at how the cover is coming together. It's being designed by Welly Artcore and already looking pretty damn fine...

Ian Glasper's current books, 'Terrorized: The Collected Interviews, Volumes One and Two', as well as his brilliant look at contemporary punk bands in the UK, 'The Scene That Would Not Die' are all still available from the Earth Island Books store.

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