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Suspect Device review Domesticated

Tony Whatley at Suspect Device fanzine has been reading 'DOMESTICATED Vol.1' by James Domestic and recently posted this review:

"I can only admire James Domestic, he heard the DIY punk rock call to arms of anyone can do it, and threw himself fully into it. He now has his fingers in so many pies that it’s difficult to keep up. Whether it’s his many bands, Kibou Records, a zine, DJing, writing, sketching or whatever, he seems to run with any idea he has, and more often then not makes a success of it. This book is full of poems, and some drawings, the only thing James didn’t do is take the handful of photos you’ll find here; the poems are a mixture of serious, funny, silly and confusing, and here and there you’ll find some of his song lyrics. ‘Buck Up, Kid’ is really great, and relatable, while ‘The Pensioner Orgy’ conjured up images in my head I really didn’t want there. Back in the early 1980s I liked the ranters and this book brought them to mind, and I preferred thinking about Atilla The Stockbroker, Seething Wells, Porky The Poet and the others to James’ description of copulating old folk".

'Domesticated, Vol 1', James furious and witty collection of punk poetry, is also available as an audio book now through all the usual channels via Earth Island Books and Authors Republic. Search it online and look out for the links.

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