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The Grief of Godless Games Readalong

We are very excited about the forthcoming readalong for The Grief of Godless Games by J.T. Audsley.

Readalongs are fast becoming very popular with authors and bookstagrammers / book reviewers as they offer an opportunity for hosts to deep dive into books and at the same time, share an interactive experience with fellow readers and the author across social media.

There are 23 hosts booked in for The Grief of Godless Games readalong already, all chomping at the bit to get started on J.T. Audsley's brilliant new fantasy novel.

Kicking off on 1st march, they will be sharing multiple posts, reels and stories on Instagram and other social media over the course of the next few weeks. 

The Grief of Godless Games: Book One of The Godless Saga by J.T. Audsley is “The most in-depth and original new fantasy trilogy setting this decade” and “A must for fans of Tolkien, Martin, Sanderson, Gemmell, Eddings, Abercrombie, Donaldson, Brooks and the like.” It's "As if the Vikings invaded Heian period Japan, within an imaginative fantasy setting." Packed with "Time manipulation, body swapping, unnatural disasters, and eldritch horrors. What more could you want?" The Grief of Godless Games is "Funny, heartfelt, and shocking at every turn. You never anticipate what will happen next."

This readalong is hosted by LBT / Love Books Tours. You can click here to visit their website and learn more about the read along, and hopefully join in.

#ReadAlong | The Grief of Godless Games by JT Audsley @EIBooksUK | 1st March – 1st April | Proudly organised by @lovebookstours. #BookTour #LBTCrew #Bookreviews #Questioncards #thegriefofgodlessgames #griefofgodlessgames #fantasy #jtaudsley

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