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The Manic record collector's 'New Wind'

"New Wind feels to me like going over to a superfan’s home and listening to them tell you why all the records in their collection are great" says Bob Pomeroy of Ink 19 in his review of Alex Anesiadis weighty encyclopaedia of all things pop-punk in the 80's, 'We Can Be The New Wind'.

His review begins with "We Can Be The New Wind is a massive tome. Alexandros Anesiadis is a self-described 'manic record collector' with a deep love of all things punk" and goes on to mention that "This is a massive work touching on over 900 bands over its 800 plus pages."

He adds; "We Can Be The New Wind is written from a fan’s perspective. The tone, style and layout remind me of the long-running punk rock fanzine Maximum Rock and Roll, for better or worse. The writing is passionate, stream of consciousness tales of mostly American bands, but including groups from around the world."

You can read the full review in Ink 19 here: or you can pick up a copy from any good book or record store, or online, or direct from the publisher, where it is shipped with two limited edition Brian Walsby cover-art posters.

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