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“Thought-provoking and haunting” E.D. Evans ‘Old West’

Step into the world of the Old West through the lens of E.D. Evans’ captivating photo book, aptly titled “Old West.” In this thought-provoking and haunting collection, Evans masterfully weaves a visual and poetic narrative that transcends time, inviting readers to embark on a solitary journey where the echoes of history and the vastness of the landscape converge. The very essence of the Old West is encapsulated in the evocative images and the accompanying verses penned by punk poet E. D. Evans. The journey promised by this photo book is not merely a stroll through nostalgia; it is an immersive experience where time seems to stand still, and the very air is enriched with the weight of history.

The invitation to “take a solitary ramble through old ghost towns, abandoned mining towns, and echoing expanses” sets the tone for an exploration of the forgotten corners of the American frontier. The abandoned structures and deserted landscapes captured by J.D. Evans’ lens tell stories of a bygone era, where the promise of prosperity once echoed through the now-silent canyons and valleys. The directive to “pack light, lonesome traveler” serves as a poetic reminder that this journey is not burdened by material possessions. Instead, it is an odyssey of the soul, a pilgrimage through the remnants of a time when life was simple, yet harsh, and survival meant navigating the unforgiving terrain with resilience and grit.


As you meander through the pages of “Old West,” you’ll find yourself in the company of the ghosts of the past. The haunting beauty of the landscapes is juxtaposed with the solitude and emptiness that permeate the abandoned towns. It’s a visual exploration of the dichotomy between the allure of the untouched wilderness and the melancholy of civilizations lost to time. “Kindly tip your hat to a lady” is a courteous nod to the etiquette of the Old West, a subtle reminder of the chivalry and manners that once defined the interactions in these frontier communities. The request is an invitation to acknowledge the spirits of the past, to pay respects to the untold stories of the women who played silent yet significant roles in shaping the destiny of the Old West.

“Old West” speaks to the transformative power of the visual and poetic journey offered by J.D. Evans, where the past converges with the present, and the emptiness left behind becomes a canvas for reflection and contemplation. It’s more than a photo book; it’s a portal to another time, a visual and poetic odyssey that invites you to step into the shoes of a lonesome traveller and witness the silent echoes of a once-vibrant era. It’s a testament to the fact that within the vast emptiness of the Old West, there lies a profound richness of history, beauty, and the enduring spirit of a bygone age.


Old West by E.D. Evans is published by Earth Island Books and available from all good book stores.

Review by Thoughts Words Action.

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