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Old West

A Fable of the Gluttony of Understanding

by E D Evans

Journey through the Old West where time stands still and there is nothing to believe in, except silence.

Take a solitary ramble through old ghost towns, abandoned mining towns and echoing expanses.

Pack light, lonesome traveller. And should you pass me by, kindly tip your hat to a lady.


“Old West is a thought-provoking and haunting collection of images and verse by Punk Poet E. D. Evans, taking you through beauty, silence and illusion to where the long-dead soul of Old West America meets a modern day wilderness, leaving nothing... Which is everything."


66 pages. Hardback. Landscape. Colour. 

8.25” x 10.75” / 273mm x 210mm.

ISBN 9781916864146 hardback

ISBN 9781916864153 ebook

Old West by E. D. Evans

SKU: 9781916864146
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