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Marcel Stol
Marcel Stol. middle. Neuroot 2.jpg
Marcel Stol

During the years 1984-1990 Marcel was co-founder, first chairman, general manager, gig promoter, poster designer and printer for the punk squat venue De GOUDVISHAL (1984-2007) in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 


A punk since he saw The Clash playing at Stokvishal in Arnhem on 20th October 1978, his first ever live punk gig. Marcel ran a couple of Fanzines, Shock and De Zelfkant, on and off from 1979 to 1984. He is also the bass player and present lead singer of Dutch Punk band NEUROOT, with their first run from 1980-1988 and now on their second run from 2012 until the present day.

He was also the bass player of post-punk instrumental hardcore jazz-rock combo Mother from 1999-1994. 


Marcel Stol graduated MSc Sociology / Mass Communications in 1995 at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, specialising in ‘Mass Communications and Culture’ with further specialisation in ‘Culture Industry’. 

After having completed the first volume in 2021 he is now (co)working on the completion of a second Vinyl LP, ‘Live at Goudvishal 1984-1990: DIY or Die! Volume 2’ that will be released late in 2022. Marcel is also a current attributing member of the Punk Scholar Network (PSN) in the Netherlands.

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