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Today is the day - 'The Grief of Godless Games' is unleashed!

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

The Grief of Godless Games: Book One of The Godless Saga by J.T. Audsley is “The most in-depth and original new fantasy trilogy setting this decade” and “A must for fans of Tolkien, Martin, Sanderson, Gemmell, Eddings, Abercrombie, Donaldson, Brooks and the like.” It's "As if the Vikings invaded Heian period Japan, within an imaginative fantasy setting." Packed with "Time manipulation, body swapping, unnatural disasters, and eldritch horrors. What more could you want?" The Grief of Godless Games is "Funny, heartfelt, and shocking at every turn. You never anticipate what will happen next."

Everyone knew the truth all over the world. Religion had died, and gods didn’t exist. A war on the brink of resolution, the Edokand'i Emperor extends an unprecedented invitation to the King of the invading Solstic. Yet, with peace within reach, the world around them begins to change. Witnessing the unimaginable, Akkael, the King's brother, can only stand by as mountains rise from the sea, causing fissures beneath his feet. Tragically, he is unable to save his own daughter from the chaos that unfolds. But that is not the end for Akkael. In death, he awakens to a cruel new reality—he finds himself in someone else's body. More than a mere resurrection, he discovers a staggering ability: the power to inhabit the bodies of those who kill him. Haunted by the suspicion that his daughter's demise was no mere accident, he is determined to uncover the truth. Some might see his newfound gift as a curse. But, to Akkael, it is ample opportunity for revenge.

The Grief of Godless Games by J.T. Audsley is a brand new, 436 page, original, alternative, fantasy novel that will spirit you away. Available in paperback, hardback and ebook formats, from all good bookstores, real world and online, and direct from E I Books where it comes with a poster and bookmark.

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