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'We Can Be The New Wind' reviewed by Issue punk zine

"Really interesting and well presented"

Neil Duncan at IssuePunk zine reviewed 'We Can Be The New Wind' by Alexandros Anesiadis (Earth Island Books) in their 127th edition and had this to say: "Well, this probably covers the time and place(s) I am least familiar with. Focused mainly on North America in the early 80’s, it looks the interaction of punk, hardcore punk, power-pop, neo-garage and Alt-rock. And given the flexibility of these terms, this covers a multitude of sins. I braced myself to knowing none of the 160 bands interviewed and many more mentioned. I was well impressed that I knew more than I expected and I have even seen at least one of the bands, AGENT ORANGE, live.

I think this is an even more monstrous book, with more than 800 pages and it is going to take me an age to finish.

So, it’s just as well the subject matter is really interesting and it is well presented and it is easy to tap into my own memories of back-in-the-day to appreciate the myriad of stories that have been captured for posterity. The book includes plenty of band, flyer and record sleeve pictures which adds to the flavour. And blow me down, it even includes, MEGA CITY FOUR, from my neck of the woods. I have not got to them yet and I am resisting the urge to skip ahead. That said, I don’t think it’s a book you necessarily need to read from start to finish, dipping in, as and when is probably a great strategy."

You can order' Alexandros Anesiadis massive pop-punk tome, 'We Can Be The New Wind' from all good book or record shops, or direct from us at E I Books, where we'll send it with posters of the Brain Walsby cover art.

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