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A half too far

Alex Boucher always wanted to be a musician, and having signed a record deal at seventeen thought that fame, fortune, and all of the vices and debauchery that go hand in hand with them were just a breath away.

But fate had other plans, and while three might be a magic number, Alex’s three-and-a-half brushes with rock and roll celebrity tipped him over the threshold and left him with a lifetime of jaw-dropping memories and unbelievable, but true, stories and very little else.

So what do you do when, through no fault of your own, the bottom falls out of your punk pension plans and leaves you without the promised pot of gold at the end of the rock and roll rainbow?  If you’re the former drummer of Travis Cut, you fall back on your other lifelong passion, writing, and commit your weird and wonderful life to the ages of a book.

That’s what Alex did, and Three And A Half Minutes Of Fame, the incredible story of an almost but not quite famous drummer has just been published by Earth Island Books If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to almost break through the glass ceiling and what life was really like in the unforgiving world of rock and roll in the nineties, then you don’t want to read this book, you NEED to read it.

'Three and a half minutes of fame' video, featuring 'No Static' by Travis Cut from their 1995 'Serial Incompetence' album.

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