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BOGOF with Ian Glasper's Terrorized books

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Another great deal to help you get your heavy music reading fill, and fill up your Christmas stockings, is a Buy One Get One Free on Ian Glasper's new 'Terrorized: The Collected Interviews' books. If you buy Volume One now, or anytime up to Christmas, you'll get Volume Two as well, absolutely free of charge!

Simply type in 'Terrorized.BOGOF' as a promo code in the store check out and we'll send you the extra book for free. (Or, if the code is playing up on this offer, as a few people have found, don't worry. simply purchase one Volume of Terrorized , 1 or 2, and we will send you the other free of charge. Simples - on every order of any Terrorized book between now and Chrimbo!) That'll give someone plenty to read throughout the holiday period, and give you a saving of £22.99 on every order!

These are big books, packed with interviews, articles and imagery on hundreds on alternative music's finest, conducted by Ian over the magazine's 25 year tenure in the heavy end of hardcore.

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