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Bugger Banksy - an easy, entertaining read

Suspect Device fanzine has read and reviewed 'BUGGER BANKSY' by Roy D Hacksaw and had this to say...

"Imagine waking up one night and catching Banksey spraying one of his politically charged comments on society onto your wall. Cool, eh? Well what if you lived in the Welsh valleys and ran a small time operation growing some less than legal herbs in the building the artwork is now on. Well that’s what happens to Glynn and his friend Kevin in this book. To make matters a little more complicated they caught Banksey before it was finished and chased him off with a pitchfork and water pistol leaving the work unfinished. The boys lived in a remote area, so the chances of anyone finding out were pretty low, but when they woke up the next morning they discovered Banksey had written a post on his Instagram page, and the speculation its location was rife. Their problems are not helped by a local drug dealer, the blabber mouth landlord of their local pub, the local bobby, a rich American art lover, a local TV art critic, the local council and some doped up sheep. It’s an easy, entertaining read, and you do get invested in the two main characters problems. I did feel sorry for the sheep though."

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