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Contacts for Eighties punk Obscurity...

Sometimes if you want something done, it's best to ask a busy person, and with that in mind, we're constantly hassling Ian Glasper to write some more books about punk rock - and now he has his next two or three ideas well underway!

The next book will cover some of the more obscure punk bands from the 80's, some that only released a compilation track or demo tape. It'll fill in a few gaps from his previous books too, and although it's well in hand, he's having difficulty contacting a few of the bands he'd like to make contact with again.

So far included and written up are: 4 Minute Warning, 7th Plague, The Aborted, The Accursed, Acid Attack, Act of Defiance, Alienation, Allegiance to No One, Anabollic Steroids, Anorexia, Anti-State Control, Arch Criminals, Assassins of Hope, Asylum, Avoid, Awake Mankind, Birth Trauma, Black Easter, The Bored, Born B.C., Breakout/Intensified Chaos, Carnage, Corpse, Corrosive Abuse, The Crime, Criminal Sex, Dead Meat, Dead Popstars, Dead Rose, Death Sentence, Devastation, Devoid, Disattack, Disturbance From Fear, Eve of the Scream, Faction, Freeborn, The Hedgehogs, Hysteria Ward, I.D. Parade, Indian Dream, The Infected, Internal Autonomy, Joust, Karma Sutra, No Defences, On Parole, Organix, Outrage, Pagan Idols, The Paramedic Squad, Patrol, Perjury, Political Reform, Post Mortem, Reprisal, Revulsion, Sanctuary, Slaughter Tradition, Society’s Victims, Statement, The Syphletix, Ted Heath, Two Fingered Approach, Ugen Kampf, Vex, Violent Uprising, Warzone and X-Cretas.

With interviews underway with the likes of Criminal Damage, Das Reiner, Leukaemia, The Mad Are Sane, Mass of Black, Organised Chaos, Passion Killers, Potential Threat, Pseudo Sadists, Rhetoric, Senile Decay, Social Disease, The Throbs… and MANY more.

But Ian's still after contacts for ex-members of the following bands:

The Abductors/Anarchist Attack, Abnormal, Advance Warning, A Few Tears, APF Brigade, The Beguiled, Beyond Religion, Black Over Red, Bleed, Brain Damage, The Cause, Chaos, Charge, Conditional Discharge, The Convulsions, Curfew, The Deceased, Defiant Pose, Earth’s Epitaph, Effigy, Epidemic, Exalt, Freestate, Government Lies, Hostile Youth, Idle Youth, The Law, Malice, Mania, No Label, Offensive Weapon, Onslaught (not the metal band), Panorama in Black, Pax Vobiscum, Poison Justice, Poisoned by Alcohol, Potential Victims, Rabid, Renegade, Rough Justice, The Sedated, The Snails, Stagnant Era, Stigmata, Stress, Suburban Filth, Terminal Disaster, Twisted Moralities, Untamed, Urban Chaos, Urban Decay, Urban Enemies, Verbal Mockery, Verbal Warning Vortex, Warheads, Warning, The Wretched and Youthanasia PX.

So, if you've got a lead, please let us know so Ian can make this book as comprehensive as possible.

Obviously, if you want to grab a copy of 'The Scene That Would Not Die', or 'Terrorized, The Collected Interviews, 1 & 2', or 'Silence Is No Reaction: Forty Years of Subhumans', or even 'Burning Britain' or 'The Day The Country Died' then we got you covered in the E I Books store. And there'll be more soon.

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