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Cover Reveal - Jim X Dodge's Pig Iron

How do you make the latest offering from rising horror author extraordinaire Jim X Dodge even better and more essential than it already is? You get Alex CF to draw the cover, that’s how. And Earth Island Books can now unveil both the cover and pre-order details for Jim’s latest novel 'Pig Iron'.


And we’re not the only fully paid-up and subscribed members (commonly referred to as Dodgerinos at Earth Island HQ) of the Jim X Dodge fan club, as he’s already started to assemble his own legion of Horror legend groupies, so why not follow J.M and Martin’s lead and get in on the Alex and Jim action before they both hit the big time…

“Pig Iron is an action-packed, dystopian tale set in perilous times where survival is hard to come by and trust and friends even harder to find. When the Regency takes over, led by the elusive Regent, people have only two choices, either join his army or be hunted by them. That is until Colin Chapel decides to give people a third choice: fight back!


His only true ally resides in a young girl named Shoestring. They form an endearing bond that is one of the highlights of the story. Together they join forces with others willing to fight, bleed and die for the cause of freedom. Albeit taking on the Regent will be a long and violent journey with more dangers than just his hoard of devoted followers. With twists and turns and an ending you’re not likely to see coming, who will be left standing at the end of the war for this new world?”

J.M. Wiseman, author of ‘The Human Conspiracy’ and ‘A Dream For Always’

“My favourite of Jim X Dodge’s strange, fast-paced, witty, nihilistic books. Pig Iron is a clever mashup of bloody crime fiction with inventive science fiction. Herein the USA, now ‘The Republic of North America’, has been invaded not by a foreign nation but by a force within called The Regency, a vast, powerful crime syndicate.


Like all of Dodge’s page-turners, it’s hard to put down. This one keeps the reader sweating, laughing, and cringing with its wild and woolly twists and turns of action, sex, and satire.


Not the least of its fun innovations is teaming its cop hero with a ruthless six-year-old girl. He adopts her as his own and this strangely believable duo lead the epic battle against The Regent, the revolutionary crime lord leading The Regency.


It’s a raging, intelligent, dystopian tale that unfolds like a nonstop action film from its hard-boiled opening to its weird, gut-grinding, nihilistic conclusion.

Not for the weak of heart, but a well-written, flip-flopping thrill ride you won't forget”

Martin Olson, author of ‘The Encyclopaedia of Hell’

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