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ESC BubblE reports on Roy D Hacksaw's new Eurovision book

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The plucky musical stars that take part in the Eurovision Song Contest and the army of fans that follow them seem to live in their own bubble of reality, or so it sometimes seems. So we were dead chuffed to see ESC Bubble, a major weblog and source of information on the competition, publish a superb report on Roy D Hacksaw's upcoming book, 'Worst. Eurovision. Ever.'

Sebastian Unterlechner, the ESC reporter, starts his piece with "The Eurovision Song Contest has fascinated and inspired millions of people for over 66 years and it is no secret, that this is way more than just a singing competition. Throughout the years, we’ve also received many books about the Grand Prix. About statistics, trivia or even by competing artists, writing about their experience. But now we introduce you to a different type of Eurovision book. A Eurovision novel!" and continues,

"The British author Roy D. Hacksaw has written the novel 'Worst Eurovision Ever' and it is ready to pre-order now. We will tell you everything you need to know about it here!"

We recently sent sample first prints of the new comedy novel the to the author, and here's what Roy had to say "Just got the test prints in - I’m a twice published author! Bloody heck!"

The 494 page novel comes with a special set of Eurovision Song Contest Top Trumps too so that anyone who pre-orders a copy will be bombarded with Eurovision facts, figures and funnies whilst also being able to play and win their very own competition!

(Books and top trumps expected early to mid-April).

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