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Raccoon Starts A Band

Although we're still pushing the brilliant and brand new 'Punks in the Willows' illustrated book by Alex CF, he's a perpetually creative author and the feedback to his books characters have inspired him to start work on a follow up already! It will be called 'Raccoon starts a band', in which a young Raccoon is introduced to punk via their older sibling, and decides they can start a band too! It will deal with learning, getting over anxieties and self esteem issues, and working with others!

We're not sure when this will be finished, but here is some tentative cover art!

You can pick up the first 'Punks in the willows' book, direct from Earth Island with posters and bookmarks, or order from your local bookstore, online or real world, or even ask for a signed hardback from the man himself, here:

Alex has been working on both his books and music, and selling a few prints of his amazing artwork too, recently auctioning off some art and making a £200 donation to who help LGBTQ+ folks all over the world!

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