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The Last Battle Cry Of A Forgotten Generation

As the generational war wages unchecked on TikTok and the video feeds that nurture and sustain Facebook and Instagram, it's all too easy to forget that the last of the Boomers and the first wave of Generation X paved the punk rock path that we've all followed.


And it’s easy to forget that pioneers like poetry savant E.D. Evans  made the scene that we take for granted possible, and in her latest collected work, Time For My Generation To DIE, that Thoughts Words Action calls “a masterpiece that exemplifies the resilience and creativity of the human spirit”, Evans cements her place as a “torchbearer for a generation often overlooked forged in the crucible of audacious irony and defiant individualism”


But if that’s the case, why does Evans want to consign her generation to oblivion? While we’re happy to point you in the right direction, there are some answers that you need to find yourself, and the only way to discover the reasons why E.D. made such a bold statement is by heading over to Earth Island Books

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