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Clearance offer for Ian Glasper books and CDs

We need to clear some space in the EI storeroom for the new Subhumans books so we're going to offer a special clearance deal on anything 'Ian Glasper' right now...

His superb book ‘The Scene That Would Not Die: Twenty Years of Post-Millennial Punk In The UK’ undertakes an in-depth look at 111 essential bands from the last twenty years, discussing the challenges they’ve faced, the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, and how they think they still need to evolve to stay relevant in these troubled times – by the end of it, you will understand exactly why UK punk is the scene that will not die. It's a must for anyone interested in the underground music scene, and now it comes with a double CD album too, featuring tracks by 59 of the bands Ian writes about in the book. The book is normally £19.99 (or £24.99, depending on where you buy it) and the double CD £9.99. You can get BOTH the book and CD from us for just twenty quid right now, or just the book for £15 or just the double CD for a fiver!

Since publishing 'The Scene...' with us Ian has also published two more books, 'Terrorized: The Collected Interviews, Volumes One and Two' and we also have those sitting in stock here.

Terrorizer was the world’s leading extreme music publication from its launch in 1993 to its untimely demise in 2018. Ian Glasper was one of the few constants during the magazine’s twenty-five year reign of terror, and their main correspondent for punk, hardcore and thrash metal, and here - for the very first time - he has collected every single interview of his that ever ran, and even a few that didn’t.

We want to make a special offer for both books, Terrorized: Volumes One and Two, normally £40+ for just twenty quid!

This is a special one-off 'clearance' price for the Scene book & CD combo, and double Terrorized book combo - or all of them together. We've adjusted the special offers on the books dn CD or two book offers on our website to make it easy for you to order, or you can simply drop us an email and we'll sort it like that. Simples.

If you scroll down in the webstore you'll also see that we have a few copies of Ian's books 'Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 1980-1984' and 'The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984' in stock too, as well a plenty of other goodies. OK, hope you can help us make some space for all those new Subhumans books that are finally on the way.

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