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Punk-Rock as an adventure

If you’ve ever dreamt about loading your bands gear into a van, hitting the road and playing every town and city on the map, and some that aren’t, between Los Angeles and New York, then you need to spend a couple of days in the company of Welly Artcore and his tour diary, 'Directions to the Outskirts of Town', that charts the ups and downs of Chaos UK’s 1994 US tour, and the seemingly never ending tour of North America that his band Four Letter Word undertook in the closing days of the twentieth century.

A cautionary tale of highs and lows that throws caution to the wind and explores the reality of what it’s really like to play the DIY circuit crammed into a "will it get us to the next town or die somewhere along the way" van with your friends and bandmates, a couple of faded maps, some phone numbers for promoters who may or may not exist and next to no money. 'Directions' will either make you want to follow in Welly’s footsteps or run as far as you can toward the safety of suburbia. The choice is yours…

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