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The Old School And The New

As uncomfortable as it can sometimes be, the punk scene isn’t a unified utopia built on an all-purpose, one-size-fits-all set of rules and shared philosophies. Sometimes the folks who found their home away from it won’t always agree about what punk was, can be, and what it means to be a punk. 

While James Christie's life in the scene, and the time he spent as an active participant differ vastly from those of Kent who reviewed The Dark Chronicles for Ox Fanzine in Germany, mainly due to their disparate view of “vegetarian and vegan diets” and “anti-woke culture”, the fact that both sides of the ideological punk coin can be explored and discussed in a world-famous zine and a well-reviewed and received memoir is a testament to the diversity and tolerance of the scene that we’re all part of. 

And whether you fall into James’ school of thought, or agree with Kent’s, The Dark Chronicles is an individual and honest journey through the scene of yesteryear, that vividly illustrates how attitudes, ideas, and perceptions can, and often do, change with the passage of time.

But don’t take our word for it, pick up a copy of The Dark Chronicles from Earth Island Books and find out for yourselves…

Read the review in Ox #173, out April 04:

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