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The sequel to 'Punks In The Willows' is on the way...

Alex CF has been busy working on a host of new projects. 'Raccoon starts a band' will be the sequel to 'Punks in the willows', his brilliant illustrated anthropomorphic animal guide to punk.

'Raccoon starts a band' is a semi-autobiographical tale of growing up punk. It is about overcoming adversity, be that from lack of self esteem, mental health or indeed bullying, and seeking solace in a community that supports folks from all walks of life, and encourages creativity and friendship. 

He is also working on a sequel to his 2023 anti-fascist cosmic horror grimoire, 'The Book Of Venym' with its sequel 'Cellusophy; The church of the Increscent'. Set in 1924, the book follows the establishment of a network of occult anarchists, marxists and antifascists as the ugly head of fascism begins to take hold in Europe. 

Always creative, Alex is also working on the third and final book in the 'Orata' animal fantasy series. An environmental mythology set after the fall of humanity, amidst burgeoning animal cultures vying for the vacated throne, to usher in a world free of the destructive nature of man. 'All the paths are blind' explores the violent and troubled path to an animal utopia, acting as both prequel and sequel to the previous volumes of this expansive world.

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