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The Orata is a fully illustrated, 148 page hardback coffee table book, an encyclopedia of the animal cultures presented in the dark animal fantasy novels of Alex CF.


The result of over four years work, The Orata is a visual guide and encyclopaedia to the animal mythology of the cultures and creeds of Naa.

Both a companion piece to the original novel, 'Seek The Throat From Which We Sing', and also a bridge into the next book in the series, 'Wretched Is The Husk'.

The Orata depicts a plethora of beautiful full page and double page illustrations of the animals, religions, gods, cultural practices, skills and mythology, expanding upon them.


This hardback cloth-bound book, measuring 22 x 30 cm, is packed with beautiful lithographic printed pages of artwork, with a foil stamped spine and a protective dust jacket. 


Written by Alex CF, the author and illustrator of 'Punks In The Willows', an illustrated love letter and colourful guide to the punk rock community, told through the lives of animals. Also available through E I Books. 'Punks in the Willows' is a collection of illustrations depicting the creativity, music, social justice and above all, friendship that is found in punk.


Alex CF's frenetic lines and beautiful depictions can be seen on band artwork, record labels and book covers alongside his own personal projects. He regularly takes on commissions, so feel free to contact him if you wish to discuss a project.


Alex is also the vocalist in a number of bands, where he creates self-contained narratives and artwork inspired by his favourite authors, and ideologies shared within the band.

He is currently part of MORROW , ANOPHELI, WREATHE and previously ARCHIVIST, WORST WITCH and FALL OF EFRAFA.

The Orata: A Compendium of the cultures and creeds of Naa by Alex CF

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