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Thoughts Words Action review The Dark Chronicles

It’s time to stop whatever it is that you’re doing, and meet the punk rock guru that you never knew you wanted, but always needed. James Christie, the underdog writer and scene stalwarts championed by Earth Island?


Christie’s debut book, The Dark Chronicles  captures the time he spent slamming his days away at shows, and trying to find his place in a world that offered an alternative to the nine to five existence afforded by mainstream society.


Thoughts Words Action said that James’  tome “emerges as a raw, unapologetic, and unfiltered memoir that peels back the layers of the punk scene from an alternative perspective. Christie’s narrative, filled with savage wit and street-smart commentary, offers a gripping insight into the underbelly of London’s punk rock scene and beyond” and that it is “Equal parts memoir, social commentary, and cultural artefact, James Christie’s magnum opus stands as a rock-solid example of the enduring power of punk rock to challenge conventions, provoke thought, and inspire rebellion”


What to find out why Thoughts Words Action fell in love with The Dark Chronicles? Then head on over to Earth Island Books , buckle up and “Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride through the underbelly of punk’s golden era.”

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