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A Country Fit For Heroes

Ian Glasper’s next book will be published by Earth Island Books next May, with a pre-order link going up sometime in the New Year, so here's a sneaky preview of the cover.

The new book, ‘A Country Fit For Heroes’, will feature well over 100 underground punk bands from the '80s not covered in Ian’s previous books, including 7th Plague, The Aborted, The Accursed, Acid Attack, Act of Defiance, Allegiance to No One, Anorexia, Anti-State Control, Assassins of Hope, Asylum, Avoid, Awake Mankind, Black Easter, The Bored, Born B.C., Breakout/Intensified Chaos, Carnage, Corpse, The Crime, Dead Meat, Dead Rose, Death Sentence, Devastation, Devoid, Disarm, Disattack, Disturbance From Fear, Eve of the Scream, Faction, Freeborn, Hostile Youth, Hysteria Ward, I.D. Parade, Impact, Indian Dream, Internal Autonomy, Joust, Karma Sutra, Leukaemia, The Mad Are Sane, Mania, No Defences, On Parole, Organix, Outrage, Pagan Idols, The Paramedic Squad, Patrol, Plasmid, Post Mortem, Pseudo Sadists, Reprisal, Revulsion, Sanctuary, Slaughter Tradition, Society’s Victims, Statement, The Syphletix, Two Fingered Approach, Vex, Violent Uprising, Warzone, X-Cretas and loads more...

The foreword is courtesy of Chris Berry from No Future Records, who released the original 'A Country Fit For Heroes' compilation.

Before anyone asks, the wonderful cover picture is of Gerry from The Syphletix.

The book is being designed by Welly Artcore, who worked with us on Ian’s recent Subhumans book, ‘Silence Is No Reaction: Forty Years Of Subhumans’ so it will of course look amazing.

Please share this news so people know the book is coming out in Spring 2024.

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