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Book Bloggers Get In Touch

As a fairly new and totally independent book publisher we need a much support from our readers as possible and we'd like to invite any of you, maybe book bloggers or reviewers, to get in touch with your reviews of the books to let us know what you think.

As well as this website we have set up Earth Island Books on facebook and twitter, both very recently, and would appreciate any comments or reviews on there that we can use. We're happy to send out free e-books for review and physical copies too for any media - zines, blogs, mags, etc as well as set up inexpensive wholesale for any independent book or record stores too. Just get in touch.

We're going to run free book give away competitions to anyone who signs up to our social media and writes a short review / posts it online too. Starting right now with Roy D Hacksaw's barnstorming new book 'Bugger Banksy'. So, if you want to read about graffiti and weed in a small welsh village and laugh your sides off at it, then get in touch!

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