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Bugger Banksy gets the AI artwork treatment

So, Roy D Hacksaw’s daughter decided to illustrate his first novel, 'Bugger Banksy', using AI, and she’s generated some cracking stuff!

Of course it’s all artistically ethically wrong, and ultimately doing us all out of jobs, but heck, they look pretty fine and it’s good to see this brilliant story come to life with more illustrations. The sheep couldn’t be eating the plant they should have been, of course, due to AI’s limitations. Ah, maybe we won’t all be over-run by terminators just yet then.

Bugger Banksy is a cracker of a novel, don’t take our word for it though. Here’s Alex Jones’s review from Goodreads:

“Bugger Banksy by Roy D Hacksaw is nothing short of joy. Absolute brilliant belly laughs all the way from the Welsh Valleys.

Glyn and Kev are living life how they like it. They have their lot in life and they are happy. Running a sheep farm, they have a side business selling a bit of weed on the side, they smoke a few joints, they have a few beers, they make a few quid, they are left to their own devices by the local constabulary. Until the day Banksy rolls up and sprays one of his creations on the side of their barn, the barn that houses their product... 

What follows are their Hilarious yet desperate attempts to cover up the graffiti once the news hits Social Media and Instagram, they are faced with fans baying for a look, tv crews. American art dealers and all manner of unwanted attention.

The charming affable duo are a joy to read, and the cast of characters throughout are genuinely very funny but as much of a riotous comedy caper this is, at the heart of it is quite serious in it’s a way, as it tells the story of how one mans actions can have such dire consequences on others lives.I have an affinity to Graffiti artists, especially the Bristol ones as my cousin is the late great CK One so I jumped at the chance to read this and I loved every single page and laugh it brought me as I received strange looks as I laughed aloud many times.

A brilliantly funny, charming almost expose on Banksy, I have a feeling the author knows exactly who Banksy is, and he keeps that secret whilst also popping a few of the myths floating around.

Easy to read, entertaining , pure unadulterated fun and just simply superb.” 

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