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Crossfire review 'Punks In The Willows' and 'Short Skirts and Whiskey Shots'

"Over forty pages, the topic ‘What is punk’ is illuminated. Well, what's this? A full-page illustrated children's book about the diversity of the punk subculture from an animal point of view with great colourful drawings and short, concise statements, some of which are formulated in rhyme? Absolutely! But certainly also for all those who have kept the child in them. Almost as philosophical as picture stories by Janosch and co. are explained in the booklet pretty much all facets of "punk" from the author's point of view. A lovingly made, as well as simple and great work about and for punks, as well as for all small and big children."

"Author Alex CF is obviously a big comic book fan, with influences from Mirage Comics to Lairds to his role model Brian Froud (who created the world of Jim Hanson's "The Dark Crystal", among other things) flow into his artistic representations. Egg chic pearl which simply gives joy and also an ideal souvenir. It's also great for dragging wayward little bastards of stupid hunchbacked relatives to the good side of the Force."

Frank Billek of German metal webzine 'Crossfire' clearly enjoyed the angle Alex CF comes at on punk with his beautiful new and all-ages inclusive 'Punks In The Willows' book. He also read and reviewed a copy of Andrea Janov's NYHC poetry book 'Short Skirts and Whiskey Shots' too, saying "You can put yourself in the emotional world quite well and see the world and everyday life in the Big Apple through the eyes of the author… a lot of interesting stuff in here."

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