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Down For Life gets Terrorized

Big thanks to Down For Life magazine (# 13) for the review of Ian Glasper's brand new book 'Terrorized, The Collected Interviews, Volume One', which features hundreds of old school interviews that appeared in the mag, including 100 Demons, 25 Ta Life, AFI, Agnostic Front, Amebix, Annihilator, Anthrax, Arkangel, Bad Religion, Born From Pain, Breakdown, Broken Bones, Cancer, Candlemass, Cannibal Corpse, Cause For Alarm, Chaos UK, Congress, Converge, Cro-Mags, Crowbar, The Damned, Danzig, Death Angel, Decapitated, Destruction, Discharge, Disfear, DOA, Down By Law, Dub War, earthtone9, Earth Crisis, Excel, Exodus, Extinction of Mankind, Extreme Noise Terror, Face Down, Freebase, The Fiend, Floodgate, Gama Bomb, Gorefest, The Great Deceiver, Grip Inc., Guttermouth, H2O, Hades, Hatebreed, The Haunted, Hirax, Hypocrisy, Icons of Filth, Ignite, Immolation, Integrity, and many more.

Down For Life commented that "...this anthology of those golden moments is a fascinating insight into some bands long passed or forgotten about now".

Both Terrorized, Volumes One and Two are available from our webstore now, with a discount for anyone who wants to order both books.

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