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Everything from alternative music to roleplaying games

Mass Movement fanzine moved from a printed journal to an online blog, where it still has many avid followers for the excellent and insightful range of articles and reviews Tim Cundle publishes there to this day. There was a period, when the change from printed to online first occurred, where the interviews still came thick and fast and covered a wide range of alternative scene and lifestyle characters, not just bands and musicians, but authors, filmmakers, cartoonists, comic book writers and roleplaying geeks. Many of these were later committed to print in the books, 'Mass Movement: The Digital Years - Volumes One and Two'.

Mass Movement: The Digital Years, Volume 1. is packed with great interviews and features over 484 pages, and as well as important musicians, ranging from Seaweed to D.R.I, Tim speaks with artists such as Funeral For A Friend, Keith Morris of Circle Jerks and Black Flag, and Steve Ignorant of Crass, as well as Var Thelin of No Idea Records and Alan Davis, co-creator of D.R. and Quinch in 2000 AD. Cundle also goes off on a great RPG geek trip too, with articles about Dungeons & Dragons, Fighting Fantasy and Games Workshop, taking us down the rabbit of how these things were created and developed.

These books are a must read for anyone with an alternative lifestyle or interests, and a real pleasure on a cold or rainy winters day.

You can pick up either Volume of Mass Movement, or both together at a special rate. Tim Cundle also has his other great books, 'What Would Gary Gygax Do?' and 'Compression' available through E I Books too.

You can also read the latest Mass Movement news, reviews and articles, as well a listen to their excellent podcasts online here:

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