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Gimme a D

Mass Movement podcast #58 has just one live, in which the middle-aged crew yammer on about John Wick 4, the new BSP record, Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer, the new Dungeons & Dragons movie, The Last of Us, Poker Face, the Biohazard reunion and take a deep dive into their collective history with Voorhees.

And somewhere in the middle of all that they also find the time to spin tunes by the one and only Adrenalin O.D. too! If you are wise, and have the time, you'll check it out here:

Tim Cundle, one half of the Mass Movement podcast crew, has several great books out too. Check out Compression, a high octane, twisted, true crime novel, What Would Gary Gygax Do?, a manic collection of fantastical short stories, and Mass Movement 1 and Mass Movement 2, brilliant compilations of the best interviews from this long-running and much-loved fanzine.

Above is recent comment in an online discussion about inspiring books that the readers have ben init lately. This comment from Karen prompted Tim's response;

"You know that moment when someone says something to you that makes everything you do seem worthwhile and leaves you with a grin a mile wide? This was one of those moments.

Thank-you Karen, you have no idea how much this meant, and means, to me."

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