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Marla's at the Punk Rock Museum

Marla Watson will be signing copies of her brilliant and beautiful 'My Punk Rock Life' photo book at The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas on 9th December - her birthday!

Come along and join us for her birthday party at the Punk Rock Museum with loads of great guests, including Greg Hetson doing tours on that day, and the chance to see some of Marla's photography in the art gallery, as well as picking up prints of some of her great shots and a signed copy of the book.

The latest review of 'My Punk Rock Life - The Photography of Marla Watson' is by Rod Orchard of InEffectHC here:

"Being a photographer myself, I love getting new photo books to review because like how a band creates a record, a photographer creates a book. The design, layout and photo sequencing all have a huge impact on the final product. Some photo books are just that, the photos, while others will add the stories behind the photos or a story that ties in with the time, place etc that the photo was taken. Marla Watson’s collection of photographs spans the “golden age” of punk in the 1980’s featuring the heavy hitters like Dead Kennedys, Suicidal Tendencies, Descendents and some of the lesser known bands like The Lewd and Toy Dolls all within a 254 page book featuring over 300 photos. What I like about “My Punk Rock Life” is that it documents all aspects of the punk scene back then. You have the pit, the legends of the scene, the great bands of course, the crowds and everyone’s favorite, the police, along with some nice stories from those who were there. This book is a great photographic time capsule of the 80’s California punk scene and some of the greatest bands of the era. A must have! Click HERE to grab one!"

There's plenty of good reviews and coverage appearing for the book, but ideally, we need more. So magazines, fanzines, blogs, podcasts, distress and stores get in touch. The latest stores to stock the book include All Ages Records and Rough Trade in London, Printed Matter in Hastings, Radiation in Rome, Coretex in Berlin, Scarecrow Records in Athens and Take The City Records in Madrid.

'My Punk Rock Life, the photography of Marla Watson' contains some of the best HC gig photography we've ever seen, as well as anecdotal stories to bring those pictures to life. It's a quality book that we are very proud to publish. Grab yourself a copy direct from the E I Books store (where we send them with limited edition posters and bookmarks too) or order online from most book and record stores now. And get along to Marla's birthday bash at the Punk Rock Museum on 9/12 if you can.

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