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Still running at the edge of their world

Great to see all the reviews of the Suspect Device book coming back in now.

It’s a really cracking read and definitely a great book for any punk-rocker to have on their summer reading list.


Djordje at Thoughts Words Action says: “Running at the Edge of Their World: The Suspect Device Fanzine Story” by Tony and Gaz is a heartfelt and illuminating journey into the vibrant world of punk rock and fanzine culture. This book chronicles the rise and enduring legacy of “Suspect Device,” a punk fanzine that became a seminal voice in the punk community during the 1980s and beyond. Authored by the fanzine’s founders, Tony and Gaz, the narrative is a compelling mix of personal anecdotes, historical context, and a celebration of the DIY ethos that defined punk rock. The book begins with an insightful foreword by Pete ‘Zonked’ Craven, who sets the stage by dispelling common misconceptions about punk. He argues that punk is not merely a chaotic and nihilistic subculture but a creative and community-driven movement. This introduction is crucial, as it frames the rest of the book’s exploration into how “Suspect Device” was born out of this misunderstood yet profoundly impactful culture."


And Hope at Streetvoice adds: “ This is book is more than just punk-rock. It’s about friendship that had lasted around 50 years and still is very strong!"

And grab a copy of this excellent book for yourself from any good book or record store, online resellers, or direct from us here:


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