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The scene that would not die

We just published our fourth and final ad for Ian Glasper's new book, 'The Scene That Would Not Die - Twenty years of post-millennial punk in the UK'.

The book will be out in December - please spread the word, thanks!

And don't forget, you can pre-order it now, here:

Thanks to Will Binks, Paul Cussens, Tim Bevington, Raymond Thomson and Chris Agitate for the photos.

Unfortunately the limited book mark sets are all accounted for now, but everyone who pre-orders the book before the end of November will get a very nice promotional poster of the cover.

Although please note, because of extortionate postage costs, these will be despatched folded with your book, not tubed and rolled (and don't worry, if you've already pre-ordered one, you'll get a poster too).

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