The Scene That Would Not Die - Christmas / New Year shipping

We very much appreciate all the support an interest we have had for Ian Glasper's new book on UK punk in this millennium, 'The scene that would not die'.

The official launch of the book was on 7th December 2020 and with pre-orders being taken from October the first printing sold out immediately. We shipped over 900 books, by hand, in less than ten days. Many with personalised or signed copies, and / or posters, bookmarks and CDs too.

The second print run is already underway and will be with us soon.

Keen souls may go ahead and order the book now and we will ship it out as soon as possible, with 'The Scene That Would Not Die' bookmarks and posters too. No orders will be missed.

However, orders received on or after today, 18th December, will likely ship / be received AFTER Christmas now and maybe even into the early New Year depending on delivery times, post office, etc.

For this we are sorry, we assure you we are doing our best. We ship every day and usually the same day orders come in, but we aren't amazon and are now waiting for stock again. When we do send the books though we will throw in extra CDs and goodies, and anyway, the book is awesome and well worth the wait!

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