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The World Won’t End With A Whimper, It’ll End With Pizza And Beer. Mass Movement

Mass Movement magazine has been bringing madness to the masses since 1998, reporting on everything that’s of interest in alternative entertainment, from the best new music to what’s happening in films, comics and books. Run as a non-profit by Tim Cundle and his small army of volunteers, it continues to be one of the most informative voices in the alternative scene and is perpetually entertaining.

The magazine ceased it’s print run and went online a while back, but the best of the interviews and articles from this digital period have been gathered together in a superb new two volume collection available from Earth Island Books and all good stores, both in the real world and online. You can check out the books and order yourself a copy here.

Mass Movement: The Digital Years, Volume 1 runs for 468 beautiful image packed pages and contains interviews with everyone from Billy Bragg to Steve Ignorant and Scott Ian to Keith Morris, stopping in between to chat with Funeral For A Friend, Seaweed, DRI, Gwar, Napalm Death, Var Thelin of No Idea Records and even Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone of Fighting Fantasy fame!

Mass Movement: The Digital Years, Volume 2 continues the in-depth 'chat with your mate in the pub' style interviews and articles with another 472 pages of insight from Jay Bentley (Bad Religion), Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm), Richie Birkenhead (Youth of Today, Into Another, Underdog), Duncan Redmonds (Snuff, Guns n Wankers), Lecky (Voorhees), Dean Beddis (Cowboy Killers, Bad Sam), English Dogs, Acid Reign and on and on with many more. These are essential books for your collection.

As well as posting news on their website and social media every day the Mass Movement guys have also launched a couple of great podcasts too: Mass Movement presents… and Geek-O-Rama, these are well worth checking out!

Here’s a couple of handy links so you can listen in…

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