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There's hope for Nerd Culture yet

Another review for Tim Cundle's collection of nerd culture rants entitled 'What Would Gary Gygax Do?' has rolled in, this time from Apathy & Exhaustion. Their reviewer Tony Maher (of Nurgle) brings 'Three chords and the truth' and had much to say about the book and its author, here:

Including "Yep. This one’s for us. View it as gospel truth. View it as alcohol abetted embellishments and exagerations of what really went down. View it as romanticised versions of what the author might like to think they’d do or say in the case of the fictional pieces. It’s not always clear which of the categories certain of these writings fall into. And trying to figure that out is part of what makes this such an enthralling read. Whether the yarns spun in this tome are based in fact, fiction or a blend of both, the man tells a decent story, and much like the punk rock songs yer man there loves, none of them overstays their welcome; economical use of prose is the order of the day, and each piece of writing is easily digestible".

You can still order a launch copy of the book, along with card game and dice pack, here:

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