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TWA interview Dan McKee, author of ‘Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher’

Thoughts Words Action recently spoke with Dan McKee, the brilliant mind behind the thought-provoking book, ‘Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher’.

They had the privilege of diving into the depths of his insightful work and gaining a deeper understanding of the inspiration that fuelled its creation.

“Being an anarchist atheist punk rock teacher is unique because of all the internal contradictions that would seem to logically keep me away from teaching in schools, but it is rewarding because its uniqueness and rarity makes it so important that I’m there.”

“If punks made life easy for themselves there’d be no DIY venues, DIY tours, DIY distribution networks, and no DIY bands. Punk is all about putting effort into projects we think are worthwhile and know no one else is going to help us with.”

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