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In this book Mr. Stuart expresses great indignation at the state of our nation, sharing with us his laconic thoughts on an array of topical issues, including the monarchy, government, religion and hereditary privilege, among many others for your consideration.


His ire may be fierce and his passion strong but it is tempered with witticisms and progressive thoughts to make a most enjoyable and discursive read.

If the power isn't in your hands, then whose is it in? Discuss, debate, cooperate, organise and rise up. The revolution will be televised.

Don't forget to smile.


170 pages. Paperback.

Officially released : 23rd June 2023. You can order it now!



Suspect Device - "This is a collection of essays, put together to make a coherent rant against the capitalist system and the way the rich and privileged control our lives for their own gain. It does read like a series of fanzine columns on a central theme, but then I like fanzine columns, and I’m down with any anti-capitalist rant. In the intro Ray says “You probably won’t agree with some of the arguments and observations…” And I didn’t, but for the most part what you’ll read here is a common sense argument for improving the lives of the many, not just the few, and a call for more collectivism, more co-operation and less fawning over those who’ll have you believe they are better than us because of the families they were born into or the schools they attended. Because of the way it is written, it’s an easy read and not without humour, and it is hard to disagree with paragraphs like “We need to grab the attention of our overlords by chucking a few more statues of Victorian racists into the harbour, hurling a few cobblestones though plate glass, choosing our own pronouns (that really seems to hack them off) and then stop supplying them with our labour until they agree to reform.” Of course it’s not that simplistic, and this book doesn’t pretend it is, but that gives you an idea of where Ray is coming from. Give it a read and see how much you actually do agree with Ray’s point of view. If you need any further persuading, the forward is written by James Domestic."

The Revolution Will Be Televised By Ray Stuart

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